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Enterprise Consulting

EB Consulting services for enterprise clients

First and foremost the main objective of our consulting services is to understand your business needs, present applications assisting you in your operations, objectives, special needs and concerns. Proper consulting is a precursor to any successful implementation and integration. Consulting is where we map out the entire project and its objectives.

Step 1:

Is a simplified version of the discovery process. Time is allocated to understand current line-of-business application, and your primary business objectives, special needs and concerns.

Step 2:

Analysis of current application and IT infrastructure for a detailed technical evaluation. In most cases this process can take 3-7 business days.

Step 3:

We will contact you and present our observations and recommendations in order to fully satisfy your business needs. At this point we will fully define your requirement, scope of project, future requirements and scalability issues and align your needs with your budget. Our method is simply there to maximize the ROI on every dollar you spend. We will also separate the requirement into different categories from the absolute necessary to the can live without. This will help refine the scope and achieve success while managing to work within budgetary restrictions.

Step 4:

Is where we present you with a complete proposal and project documentation. The entire project will be mapped out from all perspectives, technical, timeline and budgetary. At this point the sticker price will be fixed and firm and will reflect on the established req. The client will get a clear understanding of the project, its risks and investment required to realize such an implementation.

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